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04 June 2011 @ 06:08 pm
Good or Bad Lace Newbie Question  

Hello Im new to lolita and purchased a dress recently, however Im not sure if the lace is "good" or "bad" lace. Since it has alot in the front Im quite scared of taking it off. I would like to know if it is "bad" lace because Im going to a convention soon and dont want to be called an Ita-loli TT____TT and if it is "bad" maybe I can buy a bolero to cover it?  Here's some pictures:

 Heres some lace that is on the front~the roses look fine, the bottom pattern is supposed to be a flower I believe but its a bit thick and has a tendancy to curl up in itself~
Heres some lace thats on the bows in the front, this is also the same type of lace that is at the hem of the dress~
 this is the actual bodice~ as you can see its very lace heavy >_<~
 Here's the stock photo of the dress, it is the same fabric pattern as Btssb Merry Sweet Castle, but it is not a replica~

This has been bugging me ever since I learned that there is such thing as "bad" lace but since Im new to lolita I dont know much >_< Thanks for helping!

<3 Miyuko~